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The multigraft copolymers can comprise a rubbery polymeric backbone and a plurality of glassy polymeric side chains, each attached at one of a plurality of branch points randomly spaced along the backbone.
Moreover, Branch points out, it doesn't help students understand political debate or scientific papers if they aren't familiar with basic terms.
Polymers may be linear in nature or branched, where the main chains are connected to side chains at branch points in the structure.
In particular, we have measured a reduction in the number or chorionic surface vessel branch points of more than 40%.
Previous work suggested a role of reactive oxygen species (ROS) metabolism on branch density, the statistical distribution of physical distances between branch points along a growing hypha in Neurospora.
Prior to segment identification, the candidate points were automatically labelled in RIVAS, as true (green circle) and false (red circle) branch points as in Figure 2(b).
e) Installation of flow metering devices after the WTPs, pumping stations, transmission branch points and at the agreed
Boogaard has become the poster boy for reform, Branch points out, relegated from his earliest juniorleague days to the role of enforcer, the outcome perhaps inevitable.
Simply placing a mock scrape so that the licking branch points from the tree's trunk toward your stand most often produces a broadside or quartering-away shot angle, all while directing the deer's offention away from you in your stand.
LifeMap Discovery is the first "roadmap" directing scientists through the many hundreds of branch points in the stems of the tree of human cellular life.
In the process, however, the various branch points for Andrew dramatize the choices not made and illustrate the need for an additional law for robots: Thou shalt not expose the ultimate limits of your masters and, above all, their omissions and uncreated prospects of excessive mastery.