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in Greek religion, priest or priestess who imparted the response of a god to a human questioner. The word is also used to refer to the response itself and to the shrine of a god. Every oracular shrine had a fixed method of divination.
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It was a point noted as long ago as 1916 by Sir John Myers, then an artillery observer for the Royal Navy flying over ancient Didyma: 'What distracted me all the time was the unexpected view of the villas and gardens of Roman Branchidae.
The publication often quoted by Pater is A History of Discoveries at Halicarnassus, Cnidus, and Branchidae (1862), written by the "eminent" Sir Charles Newton, Keeper of the Greek and Roman antiquities at the British Museum.
The author agrees with the reviewer about the pre-Alexander Greek settlements in Afghanistan as well as regarding the historicity of the massacre of the Branchidae, "inspite of the stain it gives to Alexander's reputation" (p.