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(computer science)
A high-level, interactive programming language that features a triangular shape called a turtle which can be moved about an electronic display through the use of familiar English-word commands.
(graphic arts)


(language, education)
A Lisp-like language for teaching programming, noted for its "turtle graphics" used to draw geometric shapes. LOGO was developed in 1966-1968 by a group at Bolt, Beranek & Newman (now "BBN Technologies") headed by Wally Fuerzeig <fuerzeig@bbn.com> (who still works there in 2003) and including Seymour Papert <seymour@media.mit.edu>.

There are Logo interpreters for Macintosh, Unix, IBM PC, X Window System, and many PCs. Implmentations include Berkeley Logo, MswLogo.


A high-level programming language noted for its ease of use and graphics capabilities. It is a recursive language that contains many list processing functions that are in LISP, although Logo's syntax is more understandable for novices.

Stemming from a National Science Foundation project, Logo was created by Seymour Papert in the mid-1960s along with colleagues at MIT and members of Bolt Beranek & Newman. Originally developed on large computers, it was later adapted to many personal computers. A wealth of information about Logo and its educational philosophy is available from the Logo Foundation, http://el.media.mit.edu/Logo-foundation.

Command the Turtle
Turtle Graphics is the graphics language built into Logo, which allows complex graphics images to be created with a minimum of coding. The turtle is a triangular-shaped cursor, which is moved on screen with commands that activate the turtle as if you were driving it, for example, go forward 100 units, turn right 45 degrees, turn left 20 degrees.

The following Object Logo example converts Fahrenheit to Celsius:

convertlocal [fahr]print "|Enter Fahrenheit |make "fahr ReadWordprint "|Celsius is |print (:fahr - 32) * 5 / 9end

The Logo Turtle
Logo's Turtle Graphics provides a simple, intuitive way to learn about and program graphics. The commands cause the triangular pointer (the turtle) to draw the image on screen.
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