Brandy Station

Brandy Station,

small trading center, Culpeper co., Va. It was the scene of the greatest cavalry engagement of the Civil War (also called the battle of Fleetwood Hill), fought June 9, 1863. Gen. Alfred Pleasonton's Union cavalry surprised Confederate Gen. Jeb Stuart's cavalry and fought a hard battle before the approach of Confederate infantry forced a withdrawal across the Rappahannock. This engagement was followed by the Gettysburg campaignGettysburg campaign,
June–July, 1863, series of decisive battles of the U.S. Civil War. The Road to Gettysburg

After his victory in the battle of Chancellorsville, Confederate general Robert E. Lee undertook a second invasion of the North.
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In "Meade and Lee at Bristoe Station: The Problems of Command and Strategy After Gettysburg, from Brandy Station to the Buckland Races, August 1 to October 31, 1863", Jeffrey Wm Hunt (Director of the Texas Military Forces Museum, the official museum of the Texas National Guard in Austin, Texas and an Adjunct Professor of History at Austin Community College) brilliantly dissects these and others issues.
Meade and Lee After Gettysburg details how Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis and their senior commanders coped with the strategic dilemmas they faced once the battle lines had been reestablished along the Rappahannock River, and how each side sought an opening to resume the offensive, the efforts triggering a series of bloody clashes at Brandy Station, Culpeper Courthouse, and Jack's Shop.
Robert Stuart fought in various battles for the Union army throughout the Civil War and was commended for gallantry at Brandy Station, Virginia, in 1863.
At Brandy Station, where they had a real fight on their hands, Captain French (my ancestor) lost a silver-mounted, foreign-made, engraved revolver with "jewels" set into the grips, a gift from Texas Rangers when he left that service to join the Confederate Army in 1861.
"Some of the property is fairly expensive." Wilson's Creek, Pea Ridge, Brandy Station and portions of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia are just some of the forgotten battlefields that the trust is involved in.
Communities that will see enhanced wireless coverage include Burr Hill, Madison, Locust Dale, Mineral, Wolftown, Haywood, Richardsville, Elkwood, Unionville and Brandy Station.
Brandy Station Inc., led by Wallace Gietinger Jr., acquired the Keathley-Patterson Electric project at 4310 Landers Road.
1863 -- Battle of Brandy Station. Union cavalry from the Army of the Potomac surprises MG J.E.B.
Longacre also downplays the importance of the celebrated Battle of Brandy Station. It was not Brandy Station, he contends, that demonstrated Union cavalry could stand up to the cavaliers in gray, but the March 17, 1863, battle at Kelly's Ford, which Longacre suggests was the true turning point in the struggle between Northern and Southern cavalry in the East.