Brangus cattle

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Brangus cattle:

see Brahman cattleBrahman cattle,
breed of beef cattle developed in the S United States in the early 1900s by combining several breeds or strains of zebu cattle of India. Brahman cattle have a very distinctive appearance with a hump over the shoulders, loose skin under the throat, and large
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Genetic parameter estimates of yearling live animal ultrasonic measurements in Brangus cattle. J Anim Sci 2002; 80: 31503153.
He's a mean polo player and breeds rare Brangus cattle on his Texas ranch.
At one point, the Jansons' father had imported a her of Brangus cattle from the United States to raise high grade beef in the semi-tropical climate (Brangus is a cross between Brahmin and Angus).
Feedlot performance of Brangus cattle fed monensin or polyclonal antibody preparation against lactate-producing rumen bacteria.
Therefore, the aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of supplementation with copper and selenium on the diet of Brangus cattle receiving high concentrate in performance parameters, feed efficiency, glutathione activity, fatty acid profile and cholesterol concentration in meat.