Brasov Tractor Plant

Braşov Tractor Plant


an enterprise of the Rumanian tractor industry, in the city of Braşov. Created on the basis of the former Braşov IAR aircraft factory. The first wheeled tractors were turned out in 1947.

From 1949 to 1951 the Braşov Tractor Plant was reconstructed with the assistance of the USSR; during this time the plant switched without any interruption from the production of the IAR-22 and IAR-23 wheeled tractors to the production of the KD-35 caterpillar tractor. Between 1955 and 1960, based on Soviet plans, the factory began to put out the UTOS-2, UTOS-22, UTOS-26, and UTOS-27 wheeled tractors and the KDP-35 caterpillar tractor. In 1963 lot production of the 48-kilowatt (65-horsepower) U-650 universal wheeled tractor was begun. The S-650, S-651, and S-1500 caterpillar tractors, the U-400 wheeled tractor, and others, which are used for a great deal of farm and transportation work, are also being produced. An engine shop provides for the plant’s special diesel engine needs, and a part of its production supplies other enterprises or goes for export. More than 10, 000 workers were employed by the plant in 1968. The tractor output of the plant was 786 in 1948, 3, 469 in 1950, 3, 500 in 1955, 11, 000 in 1959, 15, 836 in 1965, and 21, 286 in 1968. More than 50 percent of the output is exported (to 50 foreign countries).