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Anti cancer, rich in fiber. The wild-shaped deeply lobed LEAVES are where the real vitamins and nutrients are. contain more calcium than any other vegetable. Help keep teeth white and gums healthy, helps fight body odor. Juice or blend in smoothies. In mustard family.
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Seeds investigated for the antibacterial activity were Brassica campestris (Sarson), Ricinus communis (Arund) and Eruca sativa (Taramira).
Leaf physiological aspects of nitrogen-use efficiency in Brassica campestris L.
Key words: Episurphus balteatus, Brassica campestris L, Myzus persicae, correlation, regression, Hyderabad.
As temperaturas constantes favorecem a germinacao de algumas especies, como Brassica campestris a 30[degrees]C (DE LA ROSA-IBARRA et al.
The herbicidal activity of title compound was determined, the results showed the title compound displayed excellent herbicidal activity against Brassica campestris.
38] noticed no significant alteration in the concentration of protein due to salinity in Brassica campestris.
For instance, treatment of skin diseases was done by him both with a combination of leaves of Rauwolfia serpentina along with oil of Brassica campestris, as well as roots of Rauwolfia serpentina along with seeds of Piper nigrum and rhizomes of Zingiber officinale.
Brevicoryne brassicae uses 2 related host plant species that occur sympatrically in Chiapas, Mexico (the weed Brassica campestris L.