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Romania: see BraşovBraşov
, Hung. Brassó, Ger. Kronstadt, city (1990 pop. 364,307), central Romania, in Transylvania, at the foot of the Transylvanian Alps. The administrative center of the Braşov region, the city is a road and rail junction and a major industrial
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Fossil records have documented sage-grouse during the late Pleistocene (13,000-18,000 BP) well south of their current range (Howard and Miller, 1933; Harris 1989; Brasso and Emslie, 2006).
And Brasso made an acrobatic save to deny Watson, almost inevitably the driving force behind Palace.
In a wonderfully poignant act on the afternoon before moving day, my unusually taciturn dad emerged from the pantry with a tin of Brasso and a soft rag, and silently commenced polishing up the metal numbers on a wooden plaque to the right of his front door.
So, strip it (wash it with paint thinner or wax stripper) and polish the copper with Noxon or Brasso with a power buffer.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Tarpaulin,large range umbrella superior quality brasso tin
TO remove scratches from glass, get some Brasso and corrugated cardboard.
Reckitt Benckiser continues to benefit from the strength of its heritage brands which include Cobra, Sunbeam, Mr Min, Brasso and Nugget.
But gaffer Tam Courts isn't hunting out the Brasso just yet.
Last year I got him 48 pairs of white gloves and a litre of Brasso," said mum Jackie.
I was walking down the aisle named 'Pwylaidd' and thought the store had a new Polish food section, but I looked down and saw lots of Brasso and Mr Sheen," he said.
Look for a bed that's structurally good but tarnished, then all you'll need is a can of Brasso and some elbow grease.