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Romania: see BraşovBraşov
, Hung. Brassó, Ger. Kronstadt, city (1990 pop. 364,307), central Romania, in Transylvania, at the foot of the Transylvanian Alps. The administrative center of the Braşov region, the city is a road and rail junction and a major industrial
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The Baron Sampsono Brasso and his fair sister are (you tell me) at the Play?
When Gordon Marshall signed for Celtic he thought it would be the start of a beautiful relationship with a tin of Brasso.
MEN must be behind it somewhere, for the news that Mrs 1953 kept fit on a diet of housework will surely encourage Ms 2003 to get out the Brasso.
With a little effort, the Brasso should literally dissolve the problem.
Alternatively you can use a nonabrasive cleaner such as Brasso or Antiquax, or ideally one that says on the label that it's suitable for cleaning brass.
They also bought enough Brasso to last two centuries - one can.
Under the leadership of Clare it's their job to make sure everything is just so in the entrance areas of the hotel, and Clare is not averse to wielding a Hoover: "I have a Brasso technique to be envied
The goal of the project is to pilot a methodology to increase the resilience of natural resource based livelihoods in rural communities in Trinidad and Tobago to the impacts of climate variability and change and natural hazards in the Brasso Seco community.
06 FRI KING LOUIS AND THE PRIMAS Jazz Bar Shine up that Brasso.
Behind the memorial, in a metal box, was the Brasso metal cleaner used by islanders who come to pay their respects and restore the shine to the brass.
When Gordon Marshall joined Celtic he thought it would be the start of a beautiful relationship with a tin of Brasso.
Where's the tin of Brasso with which he cleaned his fingerprints off the Mayoral Chain after borrowing it for the Heroes and Villains party at the Cow and Strumpet, thrown for the great and good on Millennium Eve?