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(from the Russian name for the Buriats—bratskie liudi, meaning fraternal people), a city in Irkutsk Oblast, RSFSR. Port on the shore of the Bratsk Reservoir; railroad station on the Taishet-Lena line. Population, 155, 000 (1970; 43, 000 in 1959). The city arose in 1955 in connection with the construction of the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Plant north of the old settlement of Bratsk (founded by the Russians as a fort in 1631), which was flooded by the waters of the Bratsk Reservoir. Bratsk is developing as one of the centers of the Bratsk-Taishet industrial region. The forest resources of the Angara Region have been the basis for the development of a large industrial lumber complex with a full cycle of wood processing—from sawmilling to the production of cellulose, cardboard, and other products. Bratsk also has an aluminum plant. Educational institutions include a pulp and paper and woodworking technicum, a medical school, a pedagogical school, and a music school. There is a puppet theater in the city.

According to the general plan, drawn up in 1958-61 by the Moscow Institute for Urban Planning, Bratsk is divided into an industrial and a development zone. The development zone has the House of Soviets, a theater, a motion picture theater, a trade complex, and a hotel. Also in this zone are residential neighborhood units with four-to-nine-story prefabricated and brick houses, schools, and children’s institutions, built around preserved taiga sectors. The building up of the city center on the territory facing the reservoir has begun. The settlement of Energetik, the northern residential section of Bratsk, is situated near the hydroelectric power plant. It has four neighborhood units, a Palace of Culture (1963), the Rossiia movie theater (1960’s), and an educational complex (1965-66).


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However, most of Rusal's smelters, including Bratsk, are located in Siberia and source 90% of their electricity needs from the region's hydro power generation assets, benefiting from lower electricity prices.
Law enforcement and fishery authorities organize joint inspections in forests and by the river /Angara/ in the territory of Bratsk and the region.
The orders include two peeling lines and two drying lines which are scheduled to be delivered to Bratsk, Siberia, by the end of 2011.
"Bratsk is eager to do this, and it's certainly within the realm of possibility," he says.
A Sibaviatrans aircraft made an emergency landing at Russia's Bratsk airport after its left engine failed.
According to the Russian State National Committee on Ecology, most of the mercury was released directly into the Angara River and traveled several miles downstream where it now lies concentrated in the sediments of the huge Bratsk Reservoir.
Also, the company was selected as the agent to acquire raw materials for Bratsk Aluminum, the largest aluminum producer in Siberia.
He was recalled and his privileges were withdrawn, but he was restored to favor when he published his most ambitious cycle of poems, Bratskaya GES (1965; The Bratsk Station), in which he contrasts the symbol of a Siberian power plant bringing light to Russia with the symbol of Siberia as a prison throughout Russian history.
After a quick hospital check-up, and a bandage on his arm, he returned to his circus in the Russian city of Bratsk and competed his "Spanish dance" act to loud applause from the audience.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 21, 2012-Mechel OAO announces successful installation of first electric furnace at Bratsk Ferroalloy Plant(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
Rusal's debt to VEB, due on 29 October, has as collateral a 25% stake in metal manufacturer Norilsk Nickel (LON:MNOD) and 25% minus one share stakes in Rusal Bratsk and Rusal Krasnoyarsk.