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Meanwhile, LG's Semicon's sister company, LG Electronics Co has announced plans to open a plant manufacturing its 17-inch braun tube monitor - the Flatron.
Samsung SDI has been developing digital products of frontier level in the basis of world top display technology in the wide range from color Braun tube to leading flat display, PDP so called innovation of display, LCD and OLED the center of mobile display, and Lithium-ion Battery, the heart of mobile communication devices.
In addition to the marketing of EDA software, Saline also develops or distributes hardware solutions in the LCD, GPS, and LED areas, manufacturing products for PDP (display) OLED, and Braun Tube (CRT), and other software products such as Adobe.
Samsung SDI has been developing digital products on the global frontier for 37 years, and is a world leading display technology provider across a wide range of products, from the color Braun tube, to leading flat displays; PDP, LCD, OLED, and the Lithium-ion Battery.
A TV lineup that includes 70" DLP model with 1080p resolution, LCD model with LED backlight, and super-slim Braun tube model
Samsung will exhibit an impressive array of world-class TV models, including a 70" digital light processor (DLP) TV with 1080p resolution, various LCD TVs with LED backlight and super-slim Braun tube TV.