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(in Russian, iharovnia). (1) In the production of vegetable oil, an apparatus for the heat treatment of cleaned and ground oil-bearing seeds (so-called pulp) before pressing. The pulp is warmed in the brazier and steamed at the same time. The main component of the brazier is a steel (more rarely cast-iron) cylindrical vessel or vat, in the side walls and bottom of which is a steam jacket. Two knives are mounted on the vertical shaft of the brazier, and as the shaft slowly rotates (30 to 40 rpm), these knives mix the pulp, preventing it from burning. Braziers may be of the two-vat or three-vat type, and so on. The vats can be placed in a checkered fashion, so that each upper vat covers the one beneath it with only part of its bottom surface, or in a column, one above the other. (The latter type is more efficient.)

(2) In household use, a brazier is a small stove, without a pipe, in the form of an iron cylinder on legs and with apertures in the lower part to admit air. The fuel used in such a brazier is charcoal.

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A receptacle containing burning coal or coke; sometimes used to dry out a building.
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