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a nation (natsiia, nation in the historical sense); the basic population of Brazil. They number about 91 million (more than 95 percent of the population, according to a 1970 estimate). They speak Portuguese (distinguished by several characteristics). Their religion is Catholicism.

The Brazilians were formed as a result of the mixture of the immigrant populations of the 16th to 20th centuries (mainly Portuguese) with the aboriginal Indians (groups of the Tupi-Guaraní and Gê tribes, among others) and with the African slaves introduced in the 16th to 19th centuries (including Yoruba, Bantu, Ewe, Ashanti, and Hausa). Beginning in the mid-19th century, Brazil was also settled by groups of Italians, Spaniards, and Poles, among others, and in the 20th century, by groups of Japanese, who are gradually being assimilated. In contemporary Brazilian culture many elements of Indian culture are preserved in the north; the African culture is preserved in the northeast, and the south is dominated by European elements. In anthropological terms the Brazilians belong to varied, largely mixed racial types. Negroid elements predominate in the north; Europoid elements, in the south.


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"The essential point is that this money, on entering Brazil, will be under the control of the Brazilian people."
"As I have a lot of friendship and respect for the Brazilian people, I hope that they will quickly have a president who is up to the job," the French President exclaimed.
On January 12th 1861 began the history of CAIXA and its commitment with the Brazilian people. On this day Dorn Pedro II signed Decree nA[degrees] 2.723, creating Caixa EconA'mica and Monte de Socorro.
"I even said that I will 'innovate" and - if necessary - I will request a confrontation (between them) because what the Brazilian people want to know, and what the world wants to know, is what happened between four walls," he said.
The claim is on behalf of 235,000 Brazilian people and companies, including government, utility firms and indigenous tribes, said law firm SPG Law.
"This project is in line with the Arab Chamber's mission of uniting Arab and Brazilian people, and there's nothing better than culture when it comes to making that connection.
BRAZILIA, Wednesday, April 03, 2019 (WAFA) --Brazil's opposition leader in the Senate, Rondolfo RodrE[degrees]guez, has rejected the visit of his country's president to Israel and his remarks on Jerusalem and the transfer of his country's embassy to the city, saying that he does not represent the conscience of the Brazilian people.
The Brazilian people in particular love to come to Dubai!"
This value, I assure you, is vigorously praised by the Brazilian government and defended by the Brazilian people.
Obviously the Brazilian people did not fall for it.
For his part de Mello expressed the Brazilian people's sympathy with the suffering of the Syrians due to the Takfiri terrorism.
"We have the responsibility to mount an opposition, putting national interests, the interests of the entire Brazilian people, above everything," Haddad said.

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