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, Ital. Brazza, island, 152 sq mi (394 sq km), off the Dalmatian coast in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia. It is a popular summer resort and tourist spot. Supetar (Ital. San Pietro), a small port, is the island's chief town.
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, Croatia.
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Contract notice: construction of a building-block mixed "ilot e4" brazza neighborhood in bordeaux (33).
beaucoup moins que] Je suis a Brazza pour superviser nos adversaires.
11] Vareta Nyamupa Chari, 2010,Importance of Resource Planning Organizations, Brazza Villa, Gongo.
Cumbia All Stars from Peru will join forces with Welsh mother and daughter duo DnA, Ghazalaw will join forces with Cardiff-based African dance and music group Ballet Nimba, Les Tambours de Brazza from the Republic of Congo will tour alongside Welsh folk group 9Bach and Ebo Taylor from Ghana and Welsh folk trio Alaw will hit the road together.
De meme, les festivaliers ont ete au rendez-vous avec des artistes de renom dans le monde musical mondial, tels Rihana, George Benson, Mika, les Tambours de Brazza, Tinariwine, Walid Tawfik, Miss Jessie J et d'autres, qui ont donne des concerts electriques, pleins de surprises.
On Bouregreg stage, the whole African continent will be celebrated through the performance of the much awaited Drummers of Brazza and Tinariwen, Seun Kuti, Osibisa, Jupiter & Okwes, Amadou & Mariam, Blitz the Ambassador et Gnawa Diffusion, whose first act will be performed by Africa United, winners of Generation Mawazine 2010.
Pierre Savorgnon de Brazza, a French empire builder, competed with agents of Belgian King Leopold's International Congo Association (later Zaire) for control of the Congo River basin.
In 1885, for instance, Captain Savorgnan de Brazza returned to Paris with ethno-anthropological information gathered during his exploration of the Ogoue, Congo, and Kouilou-Nari basins in Central Africa.
mona wolfi), 33 black mangabeys (Lophocebus atterrimus atterrimus), 25 Angolan pied colobus (Colobus angolensis angolensis), 10 De Brazza monkeys (C.
Congo was settled by Bantu tribes who established one of the great kingdoms in Central Africa and became part of the French colonial system after explorer Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza arrived in the 1880s.