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Slovenia's wines are probably one of the most under-rated in Europe (and I can't shake the feeling they don't mind keeping it their own private national treasure), with local vineyards, particularly in the Brda region (see Don't-miss destinations) producing some beautiful wines that benefit from the rich terroir and unique climatic conditions.
Further evidence that most things had been co-ordinated with the Russian Federation was the visit of the Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov, who met Rupel in Goriska Brda only five days before Kosovo's proclamation of independence.
<p>That recognition means Motorola is working aggressively to sell equipment to provision both WiMax and LTE networks when carriers commit to one or the other, said Bruce Brda, who was recently installed as general manager of wireless networks for the equipment maker.<p>"The LTE versus WiMax debate took place a couple of years ago ...
Bruce Brda, senior vice president and general manager of Wireless Networks, announced the milestone during his keynote speech at 4G World in Chicago.
A kya yongs 'dzin, Byang chub lam gyi rim pa chen mo las byung ba'i brda bkrol nyer mkho bsdus pa.
(6) What he meant is that, especially in the mantra, such statements as "enemy of the teachings" or "if the central pillar is knocked down, [the tent] is stable" are symbolic teachings by way of a code (brda 'i sgo nas).
[1] used chemometric techniques (cluster analysis, principal component analysis, discriminant analysis, and factor analysis) for the river water classification of the Brda River (Poland) and evaluation of pollution data.
The BRDA plan to display both the Porsche 911 in which Vic Elford drove to victory on the event and the 1983 Xtrac Escort.
(76) This provision extends an existing program--created under the Biomass Research and Development Act (BRDA) of 2000--that provides competitive funding for research and development projects on biofuels and bio-based chemicals and products, administered jointly by the Secretaries of Agriculture and Energy.
The total project cost of Euro 56 million will enable MWiK to meet its priority investment needs and will be used to finance improvements to drinking water supply and sewerage, including modernisation of water intakes, upgrading water treatment plants, water supply network and pumping stations, intercepting sewer discharges to the Brda River and extending the sewer network.