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Ont., Canada, part (since 1935) of the city of WindsorWindsor
. 1 Town (1991 pop. 3,625), central N.S., Canada, at the mouth of the Avon River on an arm of Minas Basin. It is the center of a gypsum and limestone-quarrying area. Manufactures include fertilizers, building materials, and lumber products.
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a piece of meat or other food placed between two slices of bread. Although food in this form has long been used, the term sandwich originated in the 18th cent. It is named for John Montagu, the 4th earl of Sandwich, an inveterate gambler who ate informally at the gaming table rather than stopping for the set meal.


town (1991 pop. 4,184), Kent, SE England, on the Stour River. It is a resort and market center with some light industries. One of the Cinque PortsCinque Ports
[O. Fr.,=five ports], name applied to an association of maritime towns in Sussex and Kent, SE England. They originally numbered five: Hastings, Romney (now New Romney), Hythe, Dover, and Sandwich. The association was informally organized in the 11th cent.
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 in the 11th cent., Sandwich flourished in the Middle Ages and became a center for fishing and trade. Silting in the 16th cent. ruined the harbor. Interesting medieval churches and buildings remain.
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She adds that as well as the white bread sandwich, children are often given crisps and a sweet bar, sometimes covered in chocolate, or a dried fruit and cereal bar.
The Flip Over [TM] is a self-contained, subtly flavoured flat bread sandwich carrier similar in appearance to a thick pitta bread.
Some of the foods that you'll find in New Orleans include: beignets, puffy French donuts covered in powdered sugar; po-boys, a french bread sandwich stuffed with roast beef, hot sausage, or local seafood and dressed with lettuce & tomato and muffulettas, large round sandwiches with salami type meats, olive salad, and cheese.
You can have everything out there except a pita bread sandwich and that will be what everyone asks you for," she says.
Enter PitaStuffs, Latest Frozen Player In Rising Pita Bread Sandwich Segment
As well as changing her appearance, Kath, who has recently started her own Slimming World classes as a consultant, says that her attitude bread sandwich with takeaway - sweet fried rice, prawn rolls and chocolate toast with honey, with egg, ham and fruit and yoghurt SlimmingWorld lasagne funsize chocolate and lifestyle have improved immeasurable, giving her the get-upand-go she needs to keep up with her children.
I was floored by the Keema in Pita Bread Sandwich served with Hummus Dip, Chicken and Cheese Quiche and Smoked Salmon Sandwich -- all quite filling and priced at ` 189 -- though I must admit the Tiramisu Chill ( ` 129), an iced coffee that came highly recommended to me, didn't leave me breathless with excitement.
Kelloggs claimed its Coco Pops Cereal and Milk Bars were the "best choice for a lunchbox treat" and used images of grapes and a wholemeal bread sandwich on packaging, despite containing 41g of sugar per 100g.
They found 87pc of the lunches contained a white bread sandwich, 71pc crisps, and 60pc a biscuit or chocolate bar.
Besides your regular selection of pinwheel sandwiches, try featuring a Soft Cracker Bread Sandwich of the Week that uses different cuisines and ingredients to provide your customers with a variety of lunch ideas.
Lunch: Mediterranean French bread sandwich (with hard-boiled egg, tomato, pepper, olives and basil); 4oz of cherries or grapes.