distribution board

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distribution switchboard

An electric switchboard used to distribute power within a building; enclosed in a metal box which includes circuit breakers, fuses, and switches.
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While standing in a dry spot, use a dry wooden stick to either pull the main fuse in a fuse box or turn off the main breaker of a breaker box.
From the disconnect switch, the power goes to an unused circuit breaker in the circuit breaker box.
If your boat is kept on a lift, common sense tells you to turn off the power to the lift, lock the breaker box and lock the lift control box.
That's why we've always been reluctant to show readers how to open a breaker box and connect a new circuit.
The wire was hot, so I traced it back to the breaker box and secured the breaker.
If you're installing a new breaker box in my house, I want you to know more than white-to-white, black-to-black.
At this point, you still have one more thing to check before calling the electrician: the circuit breaker box, or fuse box if you have an older home.
What I did to correct the problem was to retighten the neutral wires in my breaker box. I also tightened the main ground wire going outside of the house.
That draws power from the wire in your wall between the plug and your circuit breaker box. That in turn draws power from the line that runs between your house and the distribution line out on the local power pole.
Built into a NEMA 3R outdoor cabinet, the system allows for only one power feed at a time to the breaker box split copper bus.
The office should have its own circuit to the breaker box. (Note: Laser printers draw far more power than any other piece of office equipment.