distribution board

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distribution switchboard

An electric switchboard used to distribute power within a building; enclosed in a metal box which includes circuit breakers, fuses, and switches.
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Before you go shopping, open the door of your breaker box and copy the manufacturer's name, the box model number, and the style numbers of the breakers that are approved for your box.
When I was through in the basement, I again went to the breaker box in the garage.
If you're installing a new breaker box in my house, I want you to know more than white-to-white, black-to-black.
A fuse or circuit breaker box, commonly called a main service entrance panel or load center, is located between incoming power lines and house wiring.
At this point, you still have one more thing to check before calling the electrician: the circuit breaker box, or fuse box if you have an older home.
What I did to correct the problem was to retighten the neutral wires in my breaker box.
That draws power from the wire in your wall between the plug and your circuit breaker box.
Built into a NEMA 3R outdoor cabinet, the system allows for only one power feed at a time to the breaker box split copper bus.
Then they should hang a tag explaining the condition at the breaker box and log that tagging at the plant's control room.
To find out which fuses or breakers control which outlets, check the circuit pattern noted on your fuse or breaker box.