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the phenomenon of ocean waves breaking some distance from the shore (as opposed to surf, which results from waves breaking directly on the shore). Breakers usually form over underwater waves, reefs, or sandbars. There are “plunging” breakers (formed as a result of the full breaking of a wave) and “sliding” breakers (formed as a result of the partial breaking of a wave). The initial breaking of a wave is also called a sliding breaker. If there is strong turbulence on a gently sloping shore, a wave can break more than once, becoming a smaller wave each time.


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By this time the tide had swept them beyond the breakers, and Weekes called on his companions to row for land.
But the stranger sprang to meet the blow, and, just when it seemed he must be crushed, he dived into the face of the breaker and disappeared.
Several growth opportunities in the residential vertical such as upcoming projects in Yangon on account of rising population in Myanmar are anticipated to drive the demand for electrical components such as circuit breakers over the coming years.
Summary: This study on the residual current circuit breakers market considers 2017 as the base year with market values estimated for 2018 and a forecast developed for the duration of 2018 to 2028.
PESHAWAR -- Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan on Wednesday ordered immediate removal of all illegal speed breakers across the province.
'Illegally constructed speed breakers are the major cause of the accidents in Kamalia city.' It has been observed in a recent public poll that people have put up self-endorsed speed breakers in the streets all over the city.
PESHAWAR -- District administration has abolished speed breakers from the areas in the jurisdiction of Chamkani.
AutoControl and StartSelect have been popular features on Epiroc hydraulic breakers for years.
Maxwell's CONDISA(r) branded capacitors will be the first to market with the largest 550kV DC meshed grid that includes four types of new capacitors for DC converter valve ultra high voltage circuit breakers using four lines and four substations.
"Operators often overlook breakers, so they might not receive the proper time and attention they deserve in a maintenance regimen," said Keith Becker, managing member of Becker Equipment Company LLC.
"New Gundam Breakers" is launching in Japan on June 21, a day before it hits shelves in North America and other markets.