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Standard clinical breast MRI protocol was acquired using a 3 Tesla scanner (Magnetom Verio, Siemens Healthcare) with the patient in prone position with a 16-channel phased-array dedicated breast coil (Siemens Healthcare).
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Firstly, it is evolved from 2D-LSM, whose tissue segmentation has been confirmed to give good results for 2D breast MRI [7].
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Thus breast MRI with DWI/ADC mapping is a good diagnostic tool for the evaluation of breast lesions and can differentiate between malignant and benign breast lesions.
She believes in the clinical utility of breast MRI, however, "to go from mammography to MRI seems like a big leap.
Contrast-enhanced 3.0-T breast MRI for characterization of breast lesions: increased specificity by using vascular maps.
Therefore, the accurate assessment of BPE is important for interpreting breast MRI.