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see ribrib,
one of the slender, elongated, curved bones that compose the chest cage in higher vertebrates. Ribs occur in pairs, and are found in most vertebrates; however, in some lower vertebrates, including fishes, they run along the entire length of the backbone.
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the complex of skeletal elements in terrestrial vertebrates and man that unite, along the midline of the body, the ventral ends of the true ribs and parts of the pectoral girdle and to which the sternal muscles are attached.

The sternum is a derivative of the ribs and first appeared in terrestrial vertebrates when a strengthening of support for the pectoral girdle was required in connection with the progressive evolution of the forelimbs. In amphibians and reptiles the sternum is usually cartilaginous; in the latter, only a few ribs are attached, forming the thorax. In birds the sternum is osseous; in flying birds there is a median process, the keel, to which the powerful pectoral muscles are attached. In mammals the sternum consists of three sections: the manubrium, the corpus sterni, and the xiphoid process. In man the sternum, or breastbone, is an unpaired flat bone that forms the middle part of the anterior wall of the thorax.


The bone, cartilage, or series of bony or cartilaginous segments in the median line of the anteroventral part of the body of vertebrates above fishes, connecting with the ribs or pectoral girdle.


1. (in man) a long flat vertical bone, situated in front of the thorax, to which are attached the collarbone and the first seven pairs of ribs
2. the corresponding part in many other vertebrates
3. a cuticular plate covering the ventral surface of a body segment of an arthropod
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On the horizontal slice the angle of breast bone torsion was measured (Figure 2).
A pathologist told murder jurors the blow to Mr Wilson's chest was delivered with such force it completely cut through his sternum, or breast bone.
The rest of my tumors, including the one on the breast bone, healed within six weeks on the Gerson Therapy.
Incidentally, all references to "duck breasts" actually refer to the boneless medallions cut from either side of the breast bone.
Unless aiming for the head, quartering-to and head-on shots are less desirable, because the vitals are protected by dense feathers, meat and breast bone.
Either the doctors could cut through the breast bone to gain access to the defective gland, which was buried deep in the chest of the 32-year-old Little Rock resident, or they could remove it with a less invasive procedure using an endoscope.
Robot machine were first used at international level in open-heart surgeries with punctures in the chest instead of splitting the breast bone to reach the heart in traditional surgery.
Just a week after graduating from drama school at 21, Samuel broke his breast bone in an accident.
then 6 years old, underwent cosmetic surgery at Children's Hospital of Los Angeles to repair a congenital chest wall depression of the breast bone.
She suffered bleeding on the brain from a skull fracture and also fractured her right thigh, collar bone, shoulder blade and breast bone.
Roasted Cooked Chicken Crown on the breast bone teams the succulence of chicken cooked on the bone with the convenience of an all-but boneless product.
Remove each breast half by cutting down next to breast bone and removing it in one piece.