epic theater

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epic theater:

see Brecht, BertoltBrecht, Bertolt
, 1898–1956, German dramatist and poet, b. Eugen Berthold Friedrich Brecht. His brilliant wit, his outspoken Marxism, and his revolutionary experiments in the theater made Brecht a vital and controversial force in modern drama.
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; Piscator, ErwinPiscator, Erwin
, 1893–1966, German theatrical director and producer who, with Bertolt Brecht, was the foremost exponent of epic theater, a genre that emphasizes the sociopolitical context rather than the emotional content or aesthetics of the play.
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This detachment of actor from character is important to Brechtian acting because Brecht, like most Marxists and post-Marxists, believed that "human nature" is not universal or transhistorical, but is historically specific and socially constructed.
The Actor's Face as the Author's Mask: On the Paradox of Brechtian Acting.