epic theater

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epic theater:

see Brecht, BertoltBrecht, Bertolt
, 1898–1956, German dramatist and poet, b. Eugen Berthold Friedrich Brecht. His brilliant wit, his outspoken Marxism, and his revolutionary experiments in the theater made Brecht a vital and controversial force in modern drama.
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; Piscator, ErwinPiscator, Erwin
, 1893–1966, German theatrical director and producer who, with Bertolt Brecht, was the foremost exponent of epic theater, a genre that emphasizes the sociopolitical context rather than the emotional content or aesthetics of the play.
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This detachment of actor from character is important to Brechtian acting because Brecht, like most Marxists and post-Marxists, believed that "human nature" is not universal or transhistorical, but is historically specific and socially constructed.
In chapter 2, Mitter points to the necessity of Stanislavsky in the dialectics of Brechtian acting theory while noting that in US (1966), Brook's most overtly political production, Brook used both Stanislavsky's so-called cerebral analysis in conducting research on Vietnam and specific Brechtian exercises in character detachment.
The Brechtian acting is typical of The Actor's Gang style.