Breed's Hill

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Breed's Hill:

see Bunker Hill, battle ofBunker Hill, battle of,
in the American Revolution, June 17, 1775. Detachments of colonial militia under Artemas Ward, Nathanael Greene, John Stark, and Israel Putnam laid siege to Boston shortly after the battles of Lexington and Concord.
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Stark surveyed the ground and immediately saw that the British would probably try to flank the rebels by landing on the beach of the Mystic River, below and to the left of Breed's Hill.
Representatives of the Trust for Architectural Easements, one of the largest preservation easement-holding organizations in the nation, joined consultants Pauline Chase-Harrell of Boston Affiliates and Edward Gordon to present the proposed Breed's Hill Historic District to members of the Charlestown community.
SWL represents the integrated expertise, resources and network of three complementary firms: Collaborative Communications (strategic public relations), Broad Reach Associates (strategy, marketing and product planning) and Breed's Hill Associates (sales management and business development).
They were the right flank at the Battle of Breed's Hill, and at the Battle of White Plains in Saratoga, N.