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family of painters: see BruegelBruegel,
or Breughel
, outstanding family of Flemish genre and landscape painters. The foremost, Pieter Bruegel, the Elder, c.
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, Bruegel, Breughel
1. Jan . 1568--1625, Flemish painter, noted for his detailed still lifes and landscapes
2. his father, Pieter , called the Elder. ?1525--69, Flemish painter, noted for his landscapes, his satirical paintings of peasant life, and his allegorical biblical scenes
3. his son, Pieter, called the Younger. ?1564--1637, Flemish painter, noted for his gruesome pictures of hell
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The Breughel was among a group of 17 paintings from an anonymous West Coast estate consigned to Sotheby's by New York Fine Art Appraisers (NYFAA), an appraisal and art advisory firm.
Jones drives home this sense of loss and misadventure in his reference to Pieter Breugel the Elder's The Parable of the Blind Leading the Blind (1568): "the stumbling dark of the blind, that Breughel knew about" (31).
Within the tight ambit of this show we glimpse the impact of these major events obliquely, as Bosch's gleefully delirious compositions give way to the greater naturalism of Pieter Breughel the Elder and his sons (Fig.
In the passage above, Clare refers not to Breughel, but to Goya's famous etching of a slumped, perhaps sleeping man, with bats flying over his head.
Influences on his art--and his conception of what art should be doing--run from Bosch and Durer to Breughel and Goya.
La imagen que nos transmite puede ser la de los ciegos de Breughel.
After the luncheon, the group boarded the bus and Van Breughel served as tour guide explaining Maersk activities and the container process at the APM Terminal on the Rotterdam Maasvlakte.
Vergelyk byvoorbeeld die gedeelte oor die Winter-skildery van Breughel op bladsy 32 en die gepaardgaande vertaling.
Living here is like stepping into a paiting by Breughel, in modern dress.
Some images are photographic, and some are reminiscent of Star Wars, while others suggest Breughel.
That is why Italy was and continues to be the birthplace of painters; which explains why, apart from Breughel--not Van der Helle, mind, but the landscapist (there are two Breughels)--why, apart from Breughel (and Ruisdael too), we in the northern latitudes boast of so few genre painters of the highest order.
Describe: The Rain on Dasaswamedh Ghat" is, in Bakhtinian terms, ultimately a festive poem and might be analyzed as a South Asian version of a scene by Breughel.