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a system of barriers in a boiler unit that separates the firebox and gas flues from the environment. Brickwork is used in boilers that do not have all-welded, gas-tight shields. The purpose of boiler brickwork is to impart the proper direction to the flow of flue gases in the boiler unit, to reduce the heat losses to the surroundings, and to prevent suction of outside air into the gas flues in case of a rarefaction in them or leakage of the flue gases into the boiler room if the pressure in the gas flues exceeds atmospheric pressure. The outside temperature of boiler brickwork should not exceed 55°C for an air temperature of 25°C. Boiler brickwork is made of fireclay bricks, refractory concrete, or some other refractory material.

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brickwork, brick masonry

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Brickwork said the weakening of financial and debt servicing profile is largely due to substantial losses reported during 2018-19.
My father was a telegram lad during the war in this area and I recall him showing me as a child in the 60/70s the different shade of brickwork where it was hit by bombs.
There are still references to the external and communal loft style, but the brickwork is on wallpaper and the exposed metal is part of a stylish dining set, breakfast bar stools and light fittings.
The neighbours came over and asked me if I had seen the brickwork on the back of the house.
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Brickwork Ratings revises rating to ' BWR AA' ( BWR Double A) with Negative Outlook from BWR AA+ ( BWR Double A Plus), ( Outlook: Stable) for unsecured the Non- Convertible Debenture ( NCDs) Issues of Rs 4,000 crore, said a regulatory filing issued by Tata Steel.
PAINT ceilings and open brickwork with a clean, white wash to reflect light and create the illusion of a bigger space.
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