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bride price:

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socially sanctioned union that reproduces the family. In all societies the choice of partners is generally guided by rules of exogamy (the obligation to marry outside a group); some societies also have rules of endogamy (the obligation to marry within a group).
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(50) Siwan Anderson, 'The Economics of Dowry and Brideprice' (2007) 21(4) The Journal of Economic Perspectives 151.
As one respondent put it, "Without Lobola the man would take it as a simple thing to marry and divorce, abusing and violating women, causing gender inequality problems." A number of respondents, echoing similar sentiments, noted that Lobola preserves marriages; thereby reducing the divorce rate, a finding in keeping with Hamisu's (2000) assertion that brideprice is a socially stabilizing factor.
Legal remedies--those that set a minimum age for marriage, grant women the right to consent to or refuse a marriage, or ban marriage payments such as brideprice and dowry--have generally had little impact.
Most forms of marriage require a brideprice payment from the man to the woman's family.
(40) For a selective list of studies on dowry exchange in Renaissance Italy, see Hughes, "From Brideprice to Dowry"; Klapisch-Zuber, Women, Family, and Ritual; Chojnacki, Women and Men in Renaissance Venice; Anna Bellavitis, Identite, mariage, mobilite sociale.
It makes sense also in terms of kinship relations because they are related, and they have to respect the adat regulations for birth, marriage, brideprice and inheritance of property as well as in other circumstances of social life such as legal cases and adat fines.
These conferred an obligation on women to have sex whenever their husbands wanted them to, on the grounds that lobola (brideprice) had been paid.
Duna society is kept running by 'mediative substitutions', that is to say the exchange of pigs, axes, plumes, tree oil, dogs' teeth and other valuables for homicide compensation and brideprice. In contrast the Kaluli are representative of people who prefer 'reciprocal identical actions': that is to say revenge killings and direct sister exchange.
The groom's family pay a brideprice to the girl's family, usually a number of pigs and other items; nowadays cash forms part of the transaction and education adds to a girl's value.
And this doesn't take into account the temporary marriages when he was an officer in the Southeast, where a woman's brideprice would be raised in her next marriage for having been a wife--even on a temporary basis, of a high-status official, say an engineer or a military officer.
In fact, earlier in the play, when Mirza and Mahmut are still trying to come to an agreement over the brideprice for Gulsum, Mirza quite blatantly draws on images of his sister's sexuality to increase his bargaing power.
Nasarian's interest in education makes her unfit to obtain a large brideprice, and she is sent to a cousin where she will care for his daughter and study for her A-level examinations.