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Leaders like Charles Garfield, Jay Galbraith, William Bridges, Robert Rosen, Stephen Covey, and Elizabeth Pinchot share a personal learning experience that shaped their life's work and influenced their teachings related to themes like learning from difficult or painful situations, and understanding how others perceive them.
Readers: Beau Bridges, Robert Duvall, Aaron Eckhart, Blair Underwood.
Union junior team: Matthew Spink (Castlefields), James Thompson, Alex Battye (Meltham), Sam Bridges, Robert Beattie, Lloyd Cramp (West End), Tom Hill (Hanging Heaton), Tom Atkinson (Willow Valley), Ryan Greenwood (Elland), Tom Jenkinson (Woodsome Hall), Jack Pearcey (Outlane), Daniel Crisp (Huddersfield).
The major projects include work at the four major bridges, Robert F.