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STARRING: Bridget Fonda, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Steven Weber, Peter Friedman, Stephen Tobolowsky.
Meanwhile, widow Val (Bridget Fonda) is wooed by lummox Joey Zito (Anthony DeSando) from Bazinni's upscale competition in a plot masterminded by matriarch Lady Zito (Anna Maria Alberghetti) to force Pop to divulge the secret blends that make his pyrotechnics special.
BIRTHDAYS: Nick Mason, rock musician (Pink Floyd), 72; Mimi Rogers, actress, 60; Bridget Fonda, actress, 52; Alan Cumming, actor/ director, 51; Robbie Earle, former footballer, 51; Mike Patton, rock singer, 48; Dean Headley, former cricketer, 46; Mark Owen, singer (Take That), 44; Marat Safin, retired tennis player, 36.
Beijing cop Jet Li is saddled with raddled junkie Bridget Fonda in a Paris overrun by bent gendarmes.
fun Lake Placid (Channel 4, 11.20pm - 1am) Horror, starring Bill Pullman and Bridget Fonda.
BIRTHDAYS: Nick Mason, rock musician (Pink Floyd), 68; Mimi Rogers, actress, 56; Bridget Fonda, actress, 48; Mike Patton, rock singer, 44; Dean Headley, former cricketer, 42; Mark Owen, singer (Take That), 40; Marat Safin (pictured), retired tennis player, 32.
THE ROOMMATE (15) Verdict: AS IF to celebrate next year's 20th anniversary release of Bridget Fonda's thriller Single White Female (tagline: 'How do you lock the terror out...
What relation is Jane Fonda to actress Bridget Fonda? 4.
Nicolas Cage is a New York cop who offers waitress Bridget Fonda half his potential lottery winnings in place of a tip.
Bridget Fonda and Nicolas Cage (top) make a cute couple, but Rosie Perez is the real scene-stealer.
WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN: Bridget Fonda; Manhattan; Cyprus; 1955.

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