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town (1990 pop. 21,249), Plymouth co., E Mass.; inc. 1656. Manufacturing includes shoes and metal products. Its iron foundry industry dates from colonial times. Bridgewater State Univ. and a state prison are there.
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My great-grandfather, eldest son of the Duke of Bridgewater, fled to this country about the end of the last century, to breathe the pure air of free- dom; married here, and died, leaving a son, his own father dying about the same time.
He said we ought to bow when we spoke to him, and say "Your Grace," or "My Lord," or "Your Lordship" -- and he wouldn't mind it if we called him plain "Bridgewater," which, he said, was a title anyway, and not a name; and one of us ought to wait on him at dinner, and do any little thing for him he wanted done.
"As mankind, in the days I was speaking of, was not yet arrived at that pitch of madness which I find they are capable of now, and which, to be sure, I have only escaped by living alone, and at a distance from the contagion, there was a considerable rising in favour of Monmouth; and my principles strongly inclining me to take the same part, I determined to join him; and Mr Watson, from different motives concurring in the same resolution (for the spirit of a gamester will carry a man as far upon such an occasion as the spirit of patriotism), we soon provided ourselves with all necessaries, and went to the duke at Bridgewater.
The masque of Comus was written for a great entertainment given by the Earl of Bridgewater, at Ludlow Castle, and three of his children took part in it.
Ogg's by voting for one of the Bridgewater Treatises.
Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is currently contracted by St Helens Clinical Commisioning Group (CCG) to run the Urgent Treatment Centre.
TYNESIDE clothing manufacturer Barbour is collaborating with renowned British ceramic designer Emma Bridgewater on a collection for the end of this year.
Chepstow Street, Great Bridgewater Street or Albion Street near Deansgate Locks are good vantage points for both the half marathon and 10k.
Trader Joe's is "definitely working on" a location in Bridgewater,a company spokesperson has confirmed.
Bridgewater Bancshares Inc (NASDAQ:BWB) filed a universal shelf registration statement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (US SEC), the company revealed on Thursday.
Rumors that the team might be looking for New Orleans Saints' head coach Sean Payton to replace current Cowboys' coach Jason Garrett in 2020 could reportedly keep Teddy Bridgewater from re-signing with the NFC South champions.