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Bridgman, Percy Williams,

1882–1961, American physicist, b. Cambridge, Mass., grad. Harvard (B.A., 1904; Ph.D., 1908). From 1910 he taught at Harvard, as professor from 1919. He won the 1946 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on the physics of high pressures. He is known also for his studies of electrical conduction in metals and properties of crystals and for his writings on the philosophy of modern science. His works include The Logic of Modern Physics (1927), The Nature of Physical Theory (1936), and Nature of Thermodynamics (1941).
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Jeremy Bridgman, Ogilvy Financial, New York, +1-212-880-5363, or jeremy.
RSB - Reactive Services to Building - is the brainchild of James Dickens and his partner, Richard Bridgman, who have decided not only to invest in the skills to keep the West Midlands top buildings in good condition but also to launch a 'School of Artisans' for carpenters, plumbers, decorators and electricians.
Anthropologist and artist Bridgman (architecture and city planning, U.
When the year was up, Sidney Bridgman ignored requests to renew the subscription, originally a Christmas present.
This season's lineup alone includes Marc Bamuthi Joseph, Donna Uchizono, and Art Bridgman and Myrna Packer.
But after weeks of fear for their future, workers learned yesterday that four managers have become directors and completed a successful management buy-out of the business, now named Bridgman IBC.
Caption: IARW 2000-2001 Chairman Bill Gee, SCS Refrigerated Services, Algona, WA (at lectern) welcomes the newly elected 2001-2002 officers (left to right): Treasurer, Pat Gouveia, Atlas Cold Storage, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Vice Chairman, Larry Rauch, Los Angeles Cold Storage, Los Angeles, CA; and Chairman, Tim Bridgman, United States Cold Storage, Inc, London, England.
It was more an inconvenience than anything,'' Bridgman said.
Oblicore executives Steve Piper and Rodney Bridgman will join Pink Elephant Managing Consultant Laurie Dolan to provide practical insights into implementing ITIL-based Service Delivery Management with best practices on how to:
Benjamin Bridgman, an economist at the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), discusses this issue in his recent paper "Market Entry and Trade-Weighted Import Costs," which examines how trade costs are conventionally measured and some key drawbacks of such measurement.
What Glasser and Bridgman appear best at, describing and reviewing ethnographic approaches to poor populations, is not a majority in the book.
Bridgman, chief executive officer, has succeeded Scott as chairman.