Bridie, James

Bridie, James


(pseudonym of Osborne Henry Mavor). Born Jan. 3, 1888, in Glasgow; died Jan. 29, 1951, in Edinburgh. Scottish playwright.

Bridie’s play The Sunlight Sonata (published in 1930) was staged in 1928. The hero of the play American Hills (published in 1930) is a doctor who becomes the victim of a bourgeois public hungry for sensation. In the play Jonah and the Whale (1932) and others, Bridie treats biblical subjects with irony. His best plays—A Sleeping Clergyman (1933), Mister Bolfry (1943), and Daphne Laureola (1949)—satirically portray bourgeois reality.


Mr. Gillie. London, 1950.
The Queen’s Comedy. London, 1950.


Trewin, J. C. Dramatists of Today. London-New York, 1953.
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