Brigade Commander

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Brigade Commander


(Russian acronym, kombrig), a military rank in the ground forces and the air force of the Red Army from 1935 to 1940.

The rank was established by a resolution on Sept. 22, 1935, of the Central Executive Committee and the Council of People’s Commissars of the USSR. The corresponding rank in the navy was captain first class and for the military-political personnel of the army and navy, brigade commissar. The rank of brigade commander was abolished on May 7, 1940.

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Franco Nemesio Gacal, 402nd Infantry Brigade commander, said two NPA rebels were arrested and eight surrendered in recent encounters in the Caraga region.
Our continuous success in series of encounters the past few days added more demoralization of the remaining members of the guerilla-Front Committee 14 (GFC 14) of the CPP-NPA Northeastern Mindanao Regional Committee (NMRC)," claimed further the 401st Brigade commander.
The Brigade Commander, Ochai who received some of the returnees on Monday said, 'this is a testament that peace has come to stay in Dikwa and its environs; our commitment to protect you from all forms of aggression is absolute.
Pamonag said OCD regional director, retired Brigadier General Claudio Yucot, was the former Brigade Commander of the Army's 901st Infantry Brigade of 9th Infantry Division which covers the entire province of Albay.
The students and faculty members interacted with the Brigade Commander and other officers.
The primary staff, specifically the brigade S-3 and the deputy commanding officer, focused on molding the brigade headquarters into the expeditionary command node that the brigade commander envisioned.
The London Fire Brigade Commander said on the morning of the fire in North Kensington, London, more than 200 staff were seen.
A fire brigade commander says they have consumed mostly forests and olive groves so far.
He would also be ushered to a closed-door meeting where the newly-installed Brigade commander Col.
Moving CBRN away from the battalion level could be done in one of two ways: by consolidating assets at the brigade level under the control of the brigade commander or creating division/corps level CBRN units that would function as resources for lower commands.
Mail Today was the first to report that Brigadier K Somashankar was appointed commander of the 61 Infantry Brigade in a hush- hush manner, a month after he was removed as the 12 Brigade commander in Uri where the Indian Army witnessed the biggest ever massacre of its troops.
TAP) - During a campaign on Thursday and Friday in Gabes, units of the National Guard arrested one individual in El Hamma city, detaining two guns, 32 cartridges (9 mm caliber) and a charger, Said Jallouli Lakhdar, brigade commander at the National Guard in Gabes.

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