Johan August Brinell

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Brinell, Johan August


Born Nov. 21, 1849, in Bringetofta; died June 17, 1925, in Stockholm. Swedish engineer; author of works on the metallurgy of steel and the determination of hardness in metals and alloys. In 1900, Brinell proposed a statical method of determining the hardness of metals. It became widely used in engineering and is called the Brinell Method.

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Put simply, Hardox is a toughened steel with an above average hardness - measured on the Brinell scale - that allows manufacturers to reduce the thickness of the steel used in their fabricated products compared to conventional steel, while keeping the same degree of robustness and product lifespan.
8 mm) with hardness of HRB 85 or less on the Rockwell "B" scale and HB 165 or less on the Hardness Brinell scale.
Scratch testing was a rough and imperfect method, however, and a short time later Johan Brinell of Sweden developed a new materials test measured on the Brinell scale.
As such, products are available in a variety of increasing hardness, measured on the Brinell Scale from A-R steel (200 BHN) through iron c ast pipe (up to 800 BHN).