Bristol Channel

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Bristol Channel,

inlet of the Atlantic Ocean, c.85 mi (140 km) long and from 5 to 50 mi (8.1–80 km) wide, stretching westward from the mouth of the River Severn and separating Wales from SW England. Its chief bays are Carmarthen and Swansea in Wales and Barnstaple (or Bideford) and Bridgwater in England. Many cities are on or near the channel; among the largest are Bristol, Newport, Cardiff, and Swansea. Along the coast of S Wales is a great concentration of economic activity, and Bristol Channel serves as a major shipping corridor. Milford Haven, a major oil-importing center, has a harbor that can accommodate large modern tankers.

Bristol Channel

an inlet of the Atlantic, between S Wales and SW England, merging into the Severn estuary. Length: about 137 km (85 miles)
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The trio - including Dutch captain Philip Verhoeven - later attempted to sail back to their ship but instead washed up on Flat Holm, a usually uninhabited island in the Bristol Channel.
"However, Dr Ted Bryant and myself proposed a theory that the 1607 flood in the Bristol Channel was caused by a tsunami and caused around 2,000 deaths."
However Dr Ted Bryant and myself proposed a theory that the 1607 flood in the Bristol Channel was caused by a tsunami and caused around 2,000 deaths."
The Crown Estate has agreed to RWE Innogy s request to terminate the agreement for the Bristol Channel Zone, allowing RWE Innogy to stop its development activities in the Zone, and to surrender the option for the Atlantic Array project, thereby removing RWE Innogy s seabed rights.
A spokesman for Burnham-on-Sea Coastguard said: "The man had apparently been up all Saturday night and had been drinking when he decided to take his 12 foot speedboat out at 6.30am to visit one of the islands in the Bristol Channel."
Cooke hopes that the Osprey turbine project will provide a faster alternative to suggestions to build a barrage across the Bristol Channel on which wind turbines would be installed.
The Bristol Channel is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the country and has dangerous currents.
A spokesman for the Royal Navy said the Dina, a 2600 ton cargo ship from Barbados, was still two-thirds submerged in the Bristol Channel.
The 102ft catamaran left Avonmouth, on the Bristol Channel, on December 14 after a two year re-fit in Bristol docks, one of six giant boats in the 27,000-mile, 65-day race.
HIGH AND LOW and Bristol Channel, both trained by Barry Hills, were among four horses added to the field for the Perpetual St Simon Stakes-now to be run at Newmarket on Saturday-when entries were reopened yesterday.
They were discovered an hour later on Flat Holm island in the Bristol Channel.
FISHING from a kayak in the Bristol Channel is not for the faint-hearted, but has become very popular in recent years.

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