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It must be confessed that a family likeness pervaded these respectable progeny of Drowne's skill; that the benign countenance of the king resembled those of his subjects, and that Miss Peggy Hobart, the merchant's daughter, bore a remarkable similitude to Britannia, Victory, and other ladies of the allegoric sisterhood; and, finally, that they all had a kind of wooden aspect which proved an intimate relationship with the unshaped blocks of timber in the carver's workshop.
The monstrous stone image of Britannia was lying prone and face downward on the garden path; and there stuck out at random from underneath it, like the legs of a smashed fly, an arm clad in a white shirt sleeve and a leg clad in a khaki trouser, and hair of the unmistakable sandy gray that belonged to Horne Fisher's unfortunate uncle.
To cut an ugly tale short, we fought there on the path in front of the Britannia statue; he was a man of great strength, but I had somewhat the advantage in skill.
He was rewarded by the gift of sinecure offices from the government and did some further writing, including, probably, the patriotic lyric, 'Rule, Britannia,' and also pseudo-classical tragedies; but his only other poem of much importance is 'The Castle of Indolence' (a subject appropriate to his own good-natured, easy-going disposition), which appeared just before his death, in 1748.
This caused the young women likewise to gaze in the direction towards which their father's gloomy eyes pointed: and they saw an elaborate monument upon the wall, where Britannia was represented weeping over an urn, and a broken sword and a couchant lion indicated that the piece of sculpture had been erected in honour of a deceased warrior.
7 million mt and produced 66 700 mt of copper, which was almost 13% of the total copper recovered from Britannia Mines.
BRITANNIA, principal partner of Stoke City FC, is giving one lucky football fan and a guest the opportunity to watch Cardiff City take on Stoke City in the FA Cup at the Britannia Stadium.
BRITANNIA, principal partner of Stoke City, is giving four lucky fans and a guest each the opportunity to join some of the Premier League's loudest supporters at the Britannia Stadium to see the hosts take on Manchester City.
BRITANNIA, principal partner of Stoke City FC, is giving one lucky football fan and a guest the opportunity to watch Birmingham City take on Stoke City at the Britannia Stadium.
AT A TIME when rising prices of sugar, milk, wheat is putting pressure on the profit margins of fast- moving consumer goods ( FMCG) companies, biscuit giant Britannia Industries Ltd, led by a woman chief executive officer ( CEO), is planning to tackle the situation by expanding its product portfolio and cutting operational costs.
Britannia Biscuits in South Bank has been bought by The Baked Snacks Company for pounds 4.
The EU Court of Justice has dismissed an appeal brought by UK company Britannia Alloys against a 3.