British Board of Agrement

British Board of Agrément

An independent British organization, which operates under government sanction, for testing, assessing, and issuing certificates concerning the performance of new building materials (or old materials used in new ways), components, products, and/or building systems.
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Mike Ormesher, research and product development director at the standards agency the British Board of Agrement, said the investment was 'fantastic news for industry'.
Construction compliance body British Board of Agrement claims to have whistleblower evidence that this is the case.
Our systems have been approved by the British Board of Agrement, including an attestation that Alumasc's systems can meet the requirements of the building regulations pertaining to the spread of fire.- Simon Poe, Managing Director, Facades, Alumasc Exterior Building Products Ltd
Installing cavity wall insulation isn't a DIY job - use an installer belonging to the National Insulation Association (, the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (, or the British Board of Agrement (
The British Board of Agrement (BBA) is preparing for the arrival of super-sized, super-stringent test equipment which goes beyond the climatic extremes to challenge the performance of externally applied wall systems.
"Our manufacturing facilities have achieved the quality standard BS EN 9001 and the BS EN 14000 environmental standard, while many of our product accreditations, BBA (British Board of Agrement) for example, are well-respected in the UAE."
Look for an installer belonging to the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (, the National Insulation Association (, or the British Board of Agrement (
The tests on the Portakabin buildings were carried out under strictly control led conditions, and were independently verified by the British Board of Agrement (BBA),
P holds the coveted British Board of Agrement Certificate No 02/396 All installations are carried out by Rubberbond approved independent installers who have been trained in the methods of the Rubberbond Roofing System.
The certificate, which is valid in the six Gulf Co-operation Council Countries, is issued by the British Board of Agrement for its Hyperflex range of tanking membranes.
Actan GS Primer from Pugh & Co International has received certification from the BBA (British Board of Agrement) under the Highways Authorities Product Approval Scheme (HAPAS).
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