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British Guiana:

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, officially Co-operative Republic of Guyana, republic (2005 est. pop. 765,000), 83,000 sq mi (214,969 sq km), NE South America. It is bordered on the N by the Atlantic Ocean, on the E by Suriname, on the S and W by Brazil, and on the W by Venezuela.
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Dr Benjamin said: "My father came to Britain during the early 1950s from British Guyana, joined the RAF and played for the Combined Forces team for the West Indies.
Bechu: "Bound Coolie" Radical in British Guyana, 18941901.
Performers from British Guyana and Grenada came to Port of Spain, as it was not practical to transport the equipment to those places.
The daughter of a Yorkshire businessman and a jewellery designer from British Guyana, Hunter enjoyed a cosmopolitan childhood before her climb to the top of the business tree.
Born in 1898, in British Guyana, he migrated to the United States, settling in New York City in 1920.
The family originates from British Guyana, South America.
CC, who was born in British Guyana and educated in London before heading to the USA, said: "Vic is normally the Teflon guy but he has a chink in his armour.
And the star has spent a lifetime trying to heal the mental scars after his mother - a nurse from British Guyana - handed him and Justin over to a Barnardo's home in North London.
The island in question is situated in the River Essequibo in British Guyana, and a large part of it is owned by a certain M.
Three oil companies, one of which is allegedly operating in Venezuelan waters, obtained concessions on the continental shelf and in marine areas in the disputed territory between Guyana and Venezuela; The 1966 Geneva Accord, signed by Venezuela and Great Britain on behalf of British Guyana, is the legal instrument for the resolution of the claim to Essequibo, some 159,500 square kilometers, following the controversy that arose as a consequence of the Laudo Arbitration in 1899 on the disputed border region.
Despite the fact Mr Dodson was a national of British Guyana in South America, lived in Amsterdam, had a criminal record and met a violent death, Det Supt White said he could not "publicly speculate on matters that might compromise the investigation".
No Crystal Stair chronicles black life in various locations-from the former British Guyana, the Caribbean Islands to Nova Scotia and Montreal, among other places during the Second World War--but does not give in-depth treatment to any.

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