British Honduras

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British Honduras:

see BelizeBelize
, independent state within the Commonwealth of Nations (2005 est. pop. 279,500), 8,867 sq mi (22,965 sq km), Central America, on the Caribbean Sea. Belize is bounded on the N by Mexico, on the S and W by Guatemala, and on the E by the Caribbean. The capital is Belmopan.
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bar] ON SHOW: It ain't half hot, but that was no reason to be less than smartly attired while on tour in British Honduras.
One supernatural revelation that is explicitly condemned occurs just prior to Saul's vision of Christ, when a letter reports that one worshipper in British Honduras "got a message by tongues that the water was safe, that God would protect us.
Garvin's book, The Crystal Skull, published in 1973, reports that 'The skull, it is claimed, was discovered rather recently--in the Lubaantun Tomb, part of the abandoned ruins of an enormous Mayan citadel, in British Honduras.
Nineteenth-century efforts to resolve the problems led to later differences over interpretation and implementation of an 1859 treaty intended to establish the boundaries between Guatemala and Belize, then named British Honduras.
In addition to the timber-based system and absenteeism, revolts against slavery in Belize displayed tendencies that stemmed from other factors including the rebellious nature of enslaved Africans arriving in British Honduras.
Years later, as an adult, he was arriving in British Honduras from Guatemala and witnessed immigration authorities asking a Maya woman her nationality.
The British Honduras experienced a great deal of this growth, with the first settlement created by Captain Peter Wallis at the mouth of a river.
Bigleaf mahogany, American mahogany, Cuban mahogany, British Honduras mahogany, (etc.
With its Graham Greenesque title, pastel-colored book jacket, and breezy prose, Richard Conroy's memoirs of Foreign Service life in 1960s British Honduras offer an enjoyable nostalgia trip back to the days when diplomacy still featured prop-driven DC-4s and typewritten dispatches.
aeneus collected in April from British Honduras did not contain eggs.
The second conscious break with the received wisdom occurs in Part 2, where Bolland shows that the series of major strikes in the 1930s actually started with seemingly isolated smaller strikes and labour protests, and then, that it was in British Honduras (now Belize) in 1934 where the first mass protest action occurred.

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