British Honduras

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British Honduras:

see BelizeBelize
, independent state within the Commonwealth of Nations (2005 est. pop. 279,500), 8,867 sq mi (22,965 sq km), Central America, on the Caribbean Sea. Belize is bounded on the N by Mexico, on the S and W by Guatemala, and on the E by the Caribbean. The capital is Belmopan.
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The similarly formidable combination of Forbes and Hyde, the latter among the largest landowners of British Honduras threw their lot to the Mosquito Kingdom and claimed from the latter a competing right to cut mahogany near Trujillo.
In July, days before riots erupted in Belize, British Honduras, the Belize Independent published a report from England describing race riots in Liverpool and Cardiff, Wales, during which "infuriated crowds hunted every negro from pillar to post, wrecked and fired their lodging houses," and stalked the streets armed with revolvers, razors, and knives.
We illustrate this with the case of the Handbook of British Honduras, 1888-1889, but the same conclusions could have been drawn from any other administrative document over the entire period (late 19 th and mid-20th century) since their content is similar.
Nineteenth-century efforts to resolve the problems led to later differences over interpretation and implementation of an 1859 treaty intended to establish the boundaries between Guatemala and Belize, then named British Honduras.
That experience by a small group leads to the alienation of Saul from his wife, his father-in-law and the Lancaster Conference, and, finally, to a group of the dissidents leaving the church for a new start in British Honduras.
His next stop was the British Honduras where he would look for gold and plant rubber, cocoa, and bananas.
Mr Godden, after a long career in the Colonial and Foreign services, writes about the transformation of British Honduras into Belize.
It avers that the skull is 'estimated by the British Museum to be at least 3000 years old', and that it 'was found by Anna Mitchell-hedges in British Honduras in 1928 in the ruins of an abandoned Mayan complex'.
The example editor Cuhaj uses in his Introduction to this new edition is British Honduras is now separate from Belize.
Charles said his father fought in the Second World War and the Korean War and took part in the Berlin Airlift and in operations in Malaya and British Honduras before coming to Abu Dhabi in 1959.
I will skip over South Africa, British Honduras (Belize) and others to focus on what if of interest to me and my readers.
In chapter 8, Loewen takes a detour to the British Honduras where many more conservative Mennonites migrated during the 1940s to escape modernity.

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