British National Association of Spiritualists

British National Association of Spiritualists

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The British National Association of Spiritualists (BNAS) was established in 1873, mainly through the efforts of Dawson Rogers. Centered in the London area, the group followed the defunct Association of Progressive Spiritualists of Great Britain, which failed as a national association. Its first meeting was held April 16, 1874, under the chairmanship of S. C. Hall. The association’s research committee investigated mediums, including William Eglinton, Frank Herne, and Charles Williams.

Although BNAS struggled valiantly to be the official national organization, the majority of Spiritualists never accepted it as such. In 1882 the association changed its name to The Central Association of Spiritualists. Then in 1883 it reconstituted as the London Spiritual Alliance, serving the local area. It was not until 1902 that a true national organization came into being, with the Spiritualists National Union Ltd.


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