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(physical chemistry)


1. On drawings, abbr. for blueprint.
2. On drawings, abbr. for baseplate.
3. On drawings, abbr. for bearing pile.
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He added that British Petroleum signed a contract with Shell on the treatment of 650m cubic feet of gas daily produced from South Alexandria Project through El-Borollos treatment station for $0.
Another fact is that BP has not been British Petroleum for 20 years and more Americans than British work for BP.
It was sponsored by Daleel Petroleum, Omantel, National Ferries Company, Khimji Ramdas, CCED, British Petroleum, Alizz Bank, Horwath Mak Ghazali, SARCO - Samsung, Al Nahda Resort & Spas and Al Mirath Petrogas.
He claimed British Petroleum had demonstrated interest in the project, adding, however, that there were no specific agreements.
British Petroleum possesses 38% of the contract and the NCPC - 37%, whilst Iraq's state-owned Southern Iraq Oil Company owns the remaining 25% of the contract.
Ms Sabeen Jatoi spokesperson of the British Petroleum said that You will see actual transaction taking place anytime around December.
Now why don't they handle the Bhopal case the way the US handled oil spill by the British Petroleum.
Jordan, British Petroleum Sign Natural Gas Agreements
Norwegian maritime industrial group Bergen Group (OSE: BERGEN) said on Thursday (10 July) that its offshore maintenance subsidiary Bergen Group Rosenberg has decided to seek arbitration in a dispute with British Petroleum.
You may have seen that an executive of BP, formerly known as British Petroleum, took the Fifth Amendment on Capitol Hill recently.
The event, called the BP Physics Challenge, was a partnership between HISD, British Petroleum and Space Center Houston.
The conversion of lab space to office space is one example as seen in a recent case study about British Petroleum.

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