British Standard

British Standard, British Standard specification

A specification of grades, qualities, sizes, etc., of materials, components, etc., published by the British Standards Institution.
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As the canoe drew near, the British standard was distinguished: on coming to land, one of the crew stepped on shore, and announced himself as Mr.
[41.] BS 8500-1: 2006, Concrete- Complementary British Standard to BS EN 206-1-Part 1: Method of Specifying and Guidance for The Specifier, British Standards Institution, London.
The British Standard 5750 award was presented in 1993 by the then Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Wales Gwilym Jones.
Most alarmingly, one sample of the Devolo Home Control Smoke Detector completely failed - despite passing the British Standard test.
You might be unfamiliar with British Standard 6465 but it stipulates a level of toilet provision that means, for example, a 500-seat auditorium should have eight ladies' toilets.
Tests on sunbeds across the Stratford-on-Avon Dis A - trict revealed 33 per cent of salons visited had one or more beds that were emitting UV radiation above the acceptable British Standard.
Erbil (NINA) - The British Standard Chartered Bank intends to open three branches in Iraq.
b) Electrical Products: "HOTACE" brand Heavy Gauge uPVC Electrical Conduit, , Fittings and Accessories in 19mm , 20mm to 50mm Sizes as per British Standard BS4607 / BSEN50086/ BSEN-61386-21 & Gulf Standard GS 33/1984 , Omani Standard OS-109/1986.
The test will be designed to meet British Standard 8414: Fire performance of external cladding systems, which determines the fire safety of materials used in building facades.
Supporting these regulations is an active British Standard 'BS 5499-1:2002 Graphical symbols and signs - safety signs which is designed to provide clear guidelines to the use and appearance of safety signs in the UK.
International Resource News-January 6, 2012--Cooper Industries plc acquires Yuhua, Blinda and GE's Industrial Systems British Standard fuse-link product portfolio(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing -

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