British Standard specification

British Standard, British Standard specification

A specification of grades, qualities, sizes, etc., of materials, components, etc., published by the British Standards Institution.
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Cables is manufactured as per British Standard Specification (BSS) and International Electro Technical Commission Standard (IEC), Geneva, Switzerland.
Our super shades are manufactured to British Standard Specification and feature solid tint lenses offering maximum protection against the sun's harmful ultra violet rays.
The Foster Grant '96 Collection is an exciting blend of proven classics and up-to-the-minute fashion styles, all made with faultless workmanship to British Standard Specification, and backed by a lifetime replacement guarantee.
The results of laboratory studies were then compared with the British standard specifications and it was found that these limestones, namely, Lockhart, Margalla Hill, Samanasuk, Sakesar and Nammal are of great economic importance and commercially exploitable.
In our previous works we have designed high strength Portland cement [14] and sulfate resisting cement [15] from the raw material of the study area which meet the British standard specifications and the area has been declared feasible for the installation of cement plants, manufacturing both these cements.
The clinker thus obtained was analyzed according to British Standard Specifications (BS).
They should always be fitted to British Standard specifications.

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