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British Standard, British Standard specification

A specification of grades, qualities, sizes, etc., of materials, components, etc., published by the British Standards Institution.
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Oscar winner Colin Firth, who is fully behind the new British Standard said, "As one of the founding partners of Eco Age, I'm delighted that Eco Age has project managed the trials of the new British Standard for sustainable filmmaking.
BSI British Standards works with businesses, consumers and government to represent UK interests and facilitate the production of British, European and international standards to meet economic and social needs.
The full and complete implementation of British Standard 3849 (2) connectors throughout British hospitals should have solved these problems.
Some evidence shows that the first moves toward the ISO 9000 were instigated by the British Ministry of Defense, which in the 1970s began to insist that major defense contractors become certified to a British Standard (BS 5750), rather than be registered under a British Ministry of Defense Standard (which had been policed by the Ministry itself).
Mike Low, director of BSI British Standards, said, "BS 25999 Parts 1 and 2 have been very successful in assisting businesses improve their preparedness for both anticipated and unexpected events.
There will also be two presentations from British Standards, looking at how to build a successful brand online, including information about protecting intellectual property rights, and another on how British Standards works to support small enterprises.
Stewart Eddie, specialist inspector for the HSE, told the inquest that four gaps, all of which he believed the metal bar could have fallen from, did not comply with the British Standards.
Health Minister Lord Philip Hunt today announced the Government's plan to crack down on accidental poisonings in children by introducing a new British Standard on child resistant packaging in medicines.
For 20 years, that has not been recommended British Standards practice as the inside of the tubeless tyres is abrasive and putting in an inner tube can cause the whole tyre to fail.
British standards watchdogs were yesterday unmasked as the world's top wafflers after producing a 5,000-word guide to making an ordinary cup of tea.
The British Standards Institution, which has set the new maximum decibel level, said yesterday: "We have updated the toy standard to take into account new toys which make a variety of sounds.
In my own country, the United Kingdom, BSI, the British Standards Institution, is an entirely independent body created under Royal Charter, funded mostly by the sale of national standards, with some income derived from industrial contributions, and to a lesser extent, from government.

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