British West Africa

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British West Africa,

former inclusive term for the British colonies of Cameroons, Gambia, Gold Coast, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Togoland.

British West Africa

the former British possessions of Nigeria, The Gambia, Sierra Leone, and the Gold Coast, and the former trust territories of Togoland and Cameroons
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Frederick Cooper, Decolonization and African Society: The labour question in French and British West Africa.
17) Samuel Wood, son of a prosperous Cape Coast merchant, a staunch and active member of the Aborigines' Rights Protection Society (formed in 1897) and served as the secretary of the National Congress of British West Africa, the first pan-African organisation on the Anglophone West Coast formed in 1920, also by the Western-educated elite.
The new Grey Space studio in Water Street, Liverpool, once the Bank of British West Africa
Cloth Girl, which she began writing in 2002, portrays life in British West Africa in the ten years leading up to independence.
Thus, despite the book's title, British West Africa is entirely missing from this work.

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