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(2003) studied simple and canonical correlations between passion fruit traits and detected the existence of positive correlations between fruit mass and width, fruit width and length, and fruit acidity and width; and a negative correlation between Brix degree and fruit length.
Brix degree evaluation used the juice of three ripe cherries per plot.
Treatments also did not affect Brix degree of ripe cherries.
Theoretical sugar yield = root yield (t/ha) x Brix degree (%).
Number of roots per unit area, mean weight of root and mean sweetness of root or Brix degree are major component of sugar beet productivity of roots and sugar.
Sweet sorghum cultivars and grain local check included in the study were grown in the farm of Abo Jarash, Faculty of Agriculture, Damascus, during summer 2010 for evaluation of anthesis date (days to 50% flowering), green leaf area (LA), cane height (cm), cane diameter (cm), cane yield (t/ha), Juice yield (kl/ha), brix degree (%) and ethanol productivity (l/ha) at harvest date.
The third paper is on the influence of different distances of shading coffee trees on plant height, canopy diameter, plagiotropic branches' length, yield, coffee fruits' phenological stage, ripe cherries' Brix degree, percentage of black, unripe, and insect damaged beans, bean size, and beverage quality.
It is observed that in longer fermentation times there was a great fall in viability, comparing the Brix degrees and substrates (Figure 4B).
Similar skin color (= normal production of lycopene), similar Brix degrees and the roughly 3-day delay in starting the tomato harvest either with organza fabric or TNT bagging were important because of the need to maintain the quality (i.e., skin color and Brix degrees).
Until a structure built of Brix degrees And all the chance
The total soluble solids (TSS) were determined by directly placing drops of fruit juice extracted with a manual juice press in a Hanna[R] HI 96801 USA refractometer (0 to 85% Brix) previously calibrated with distilled water, the results of which were expressed in Brix degrees.