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(quaking grass), a genus of perennial and annual herbs of the family Gramineae. The inflorescence is a panicle; the Spike-lets are large and many-flowered. There are about 15 species distributed in Europe, Western Asia, North Africa, and South America. The plants were imported into North America. The USSR has five or six species, growing in meadows and forest glades and forest glades and amid shrubbery. The species B. media is found in the European USSR, and B. minor is found in the Caucasus. Both species serve as pasturage for livestock and are cultivated as ornamentals. B. maxima is also raised as an ornamental.

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Juan Samujo Briza aka Buloy, 35, is a former Dubai auto mechanic, who lived in the UAE for three years.
Weed species, especially Briza maxima, have been prominent since the 1960s in some disturbed areas where rubbish was dumped and have increased in recent decades, along with exotic garden species.
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Ello explica la sustitucion extensiva de la vegetacion originaria de pseudoestepa de gramineas con dominancia de los generos Stipa, Piptochaetium, Aristida, Melica, Briza, Bromus, Eragrostis y Poa (CABRERA, 1976), por agroecosistemas.
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There was an increase in the meadow look and naturalistic forms of planting with lots of ornamental grasses including Briza media and Deschampsia Cespitosa.
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