Broad Church

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Broad Church:

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the established church of England and the mother church of the Anglican Communion. Organization and Doctrine

The clergy of the church are of three ancient orders: deacons, priests, and bishops.
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Labour need to be a broad church welcoming converts and old believers
RACING's broad church, all too often a house divided against itself, gathered unified as one yesterday in the magnificent, medieval masterpiece of Ely Cathedral for the service to celebrate the life of Sir Henry Cecil, prince of politeness and king among trainers.
This community is, thankfully, a broad church and, while I do appreciate that you must try to present a balance of views on the letters page, I do think that Mr Dye has completely missed the point of my letter.
This is to make sure that we can walk together as one Church of England - a broad Church, yes, but we want to be there without splits, without divisions.
Debenhams has benefited from a broad width of product choice, a broad church of customers, multiple routes to market and a strategy to drive profits by investing some of its gross margin, through price cuts and promotions, into pushing sales.
Black's portrayals of Gilfillan's Broad Church Presbyterianism and sympathetic humanity, and of the rich and vibrant civic provincial culture of Victorian Dundee, are vivid and convincing.
Canon John Hester, who has died, aged 80, was a prime example of just what a broad church the Anglican community embraces.
He does not pay enough attention to Trollope's High Church loyalties and the battle in The Warden is not between Broad Church and Evangelical but between traditional High and Arnoldian Broad.
Maybe, in part, I felt called to priestly ministry wanting a role in this broad church of ours, due to the Journal and what it articulated so very well.
Larsen shows how for liberals or Broad Church supporters, the central issue was the legal persecution of Colenso that followed publication of his book, not the work itself, which was seen as a poor, ineffectual piece of biblical criticism, damaging to reform and popular religious education, heavy-handed, and logically flawed.
A flip side of this broad church attitude was that with no sure authority on what to believe and do, people were thrown back onto conscience for ethical decision-making and rationalized their behavior, especially in the financial and economic sphere.