Broca, Pierre Paul

Broca, Pierre Paul


Born June 28, 1824, in Sainte-Foy-la-Grande; died July 9, 1880, in Paris. French anatomist and anthropologist.

Broca was one of the founders of modern anthropology and an initiator of the Society of Anthropology in Paris (1859). His principal works are on the comparative anatomy of primates, problems of general anthropology, and the racial types of the contemporary and ancient populations of France. He developed the first manual in the world on anthropometry and craniometry (1865). He established scales for the definition of eye, hair, and skin coloring, and invented several anthropometrical instruments.


“Obshchie instruktsii dlia antropologieheskikh issledovanii i nabliudenii.” In the collection Izvestiia lmperatorskogo obshchestva liubitelei estestvoznaniia, antropologii i etnografii, vol. 2. Moscow, 1865. (Translated from French.)
Instructions craniologiques et craniométriques de la Société d’Anthropologie de Paris rédigées. Paris, 1875.


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