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Brodmann Area 8), close to a region of activity identified by Christ and colleagues in the right middle frontal gyrus.
Spatial conjunction analyses for this event did not reveal a pattern of BOLD signal specific to SCZ + S patients; that is, we observed no neurofunctional alterations common to both SCZ + S versus SCZ and SCZ + S versus healthy men group comparisons [note that across the 3 groups, significant activations were observed during the Inflation event in the right (% = 39; y = 17; z = 4; t = 6.7; p < 0.001; 3700 [mm.sup.3]) and left insula (% = -33; y = 20; z = 7; t = 5.2; p < 0.001; 909 mm3) and the right superior frontal gyrus (Brodmann area 8: % = 6; y = 29; z = 46; t = 4.1; p < 0.001; 423 [mm.sup.3])].
In particular, structural parcellations such as the AAL and Brodmann area may be inappropriate for functional connectivity analysis as anatomical boundaries do not necessarily correlate with functional ones [48].
[sup.18]F-FDG: fludeoxyglucose F 18; AD: Alzheimer's disease; CN: cognitively normal; STG: superior temporal gyrus; BA: Brodmann area; MTG: middle temporal gyrus; ITG: inferior temporal cortex; PCC: posterior cingulate cortex; MFG: medial frontal gyrus; ACC: anterior cingulate cortex; SPL: superior parietal lobe; IFG: inferior frontal gyrus.
An autopsy study revealed that delusions in DLB are associated with elevated Mx binding in Brodmann area 36 [16].
MNI: Montreal Neurological Institute space; HPs: hyperthyroid patients; HCs: health controls; BA: Brodmann area; MeFG: medial frontal gyrus.
Language and visual perception associations: Meta-analytic connectivity modeling of Brodmann area 37.
(ii) The most common method is to register experimental data to an a priori anatomical parcellation atlas, such as Brodmann area [58] and Anatomical Automatic Labeling (AAL) atlas [59].
Moreover, in this study, in channel 18 (Brodmann area 46), we observed hypoactivation of the DLPFC in the MD group when compared to the MDD group.
In corroborative work, Brodmann area 21 within the lateral temporal lobe of the ASD brain was assessed in postmortem samples [31].
Region BA MNI coordinates x y z Left medial prefrontal cortex 9/32 -10 34 30 Right dorsal posterior 31 12 -18 42 cingulate cortex Region ALE extrema value Cluster size ([mm.sup.3]) Left medial prefrontal cortex 0.0103 432 Right dorsal posterior 0.0101 368 cingulate cortex BA: Brodmann area; MNI: Montreal Neurological Institute; ALE: activation likelihood estimation.
150 years later, Damasio and his collaborators published a study on Gage's exhumed skull and proposed a trajectory of the injury through the left hemisphere, through the anterior half of the orbitofrontal cortex (Brodmann areas 11 and 12), through the anterior mesial frontal cortices (Brodmann areas 8 to 10, 32) and the most anterior region of the cingulate gyrus (Brodmann area 24).