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Brodsky, Joseph

(Iosif Aleksandrovich Brodsky) (brät`skē, bräd`–, Rus. yôs`yĭf əlyĭksän`drəvyĭch brôt`skē), 1940–96, Russian-American poet, b. Leningrad (St. Petersburg). A disciple of Anna AkhmatovaAkhmatova, Anna
, pseud. of Anna Andreyevna Gorenko
, 1888–1966, Russian poet of the Acmeist school. Her brief lyrics, simply and musically written in the tradition of Pushkin, attained great popularity. Her themes were personal, emotional, and often ironic.
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, he began writing poetry in 1955. He was first denounced by the Soviet government (for "decadence and modernism," among other charges) in 1963 and was exiled from the Soviet Union in 1972. Brodsky emigrated to the United States, where he became a citizen, taught at several colleges, and continued to build a reputation as a distinguished literary figure. He became a master of the English language and wrote in it as well as Russian.

His poetry, which often treats themes of loss and exile, is highly regarded for its formal technique, depth, intensity, irony, and wit. Among his best known works are A Part of Speech (tr. 1980), a volume of poetry; Less than One (tr. 1986) and the posthumously published On Grief and Reason (1996), essays; and the English-language poems of To Urania (1988) and So Forth (1996). Later works include a play, Marbles (1989), and a book of prose, Watermark (1992). His Collected Poems in English was published in 2000.

The recipient of a MacArthur Award (1981), a National Book Award (1986), and many other honors, he won the 1987 Nobel Prize in Literature and was poet laureate of the United States (1991–92). A believer in the redemptive power of literature, he worked to make poetry accessible to a wider public.


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Brodsky, (Iosif Alexandrovich) Joseph

(1940–  ) poet, writer; born in St. Petersburg (then Leningrad), Russia. He studied in Russian secondary schools until 1956, wrote poetry, and was sentenced to a Soviet labor camp for his general refusal to conform. He was expelled from Russia (1972), and emigrated to America. He taught at many institutions, notably as poet-in-residence at the University of Michigan (1972). He was named Poet Laureate by the Library of Congress (1991), and is known for his translations, critical works, and his realistic and lyrical poetry, as in To Urania (1988).
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You must continually innovate to grow," Brodsky warned during the keynote, adding that "future success will necessitate taking smarter risks.
His father, Nathan Brodsky, founded the Brodsky Organization in the 1950s and Mr Brodsky joined his father in business in the early 1970s.
Brodsky, not influenced by Eliot as he was by Auden and Lowell, is surprisingly critical of the older poet.
I argue that, as well as being the most obvious subject for a nativity poem, the image of the infant Christ and his mother provides for Brodsky a way to personify abstractions such as time and gender.
One thinks of Marx, or Freud, or especially, in this case, Osip Mandelstam, whom Brodsky described in a superb essay as "a little Jewish boy with a heart full of Russian iambic pentameters.
Los avatares biograficos de Joseph Brodsky, el poeta ruso que obtuvo el Premio Nobel de Literatura en 1987 a la edad de 47 anos, son ampliamente conocidos (vease el Inventario de JEP en Proceso 1005), y no parece necesario recordarlos aqui.
Abdurahim al-Awadhi, a top UAE Foreign Ministry official, "expressed concern that Brodsky has been released on bail and granted the freedom to return to Israel while the case against him continues," the state news agency WAM said.
Brodsky was extradited to Germany after a Polish court denied his attempt to block his transfer to German authorities.
Calkiewicz stressed that his decision "does not mean that Brodsky is guilty" because that decision can only come after formal procedures and a possible appeal.
Iconic British singer-songwriter Elvis Costello and the pioneering chamber musicians of the Brodsky String Quartet are teaming up for an intimate performance of songs and new arrangements.
The district wanted to give teachers the freedom to make choices and to create optimal learning environments," notes Stuart Brodsky, an architect at OWP/P a Chicago-based architectural firm and project manager for Lakes Community High School.
Pairing a suite of wildly gorgeous color photographs of the California coast with a series of somber black-and-white shots of a winter landscape in Siberia--where Brodsky spent eighteen months in a labor camp before being exiled in 1972--the show also included a selection of Almond's painted aluminum signs, the centerpiece of which featured lines from Brodsky's "A Part of Speech" (1975-76), in which the writer contemplates the homeland he left behind.