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an eating chicken 60 days old (liveweight 1.4-1.6 kg). The meat is tender and juicy, with a small quantity of fat; the dietary properties are higher than those of the adult fowl. Meat and egg-laying breeds, pure meat breeds, and specialized meat lines of these breeds are principally used for producing broilers. Most successful are hybrids obtained by crossbreeding meat lines selected for rapidity of growth, quickness of feathering, meat formation, and high fodder return. Production of broilers is most profitable on large, specialized farms.

The technological process in a broiler farm begins on the reproduction farm, where crossbreeding is conducted, and year-round production of hybrid eggs for incubation is organized. From the incubation department, the 24-hour-old chicks enter the broiler-raising department, and some enter the department of “reserve” chick raising. The broilers are raised in spacious mechanized poultry houses on a deep litter or in cages and are not let out to range. They are fed dry fodder mixes. The broilers are killed in the processing department. The production capacity of the departments is designed for continuous-operation production and for constant production throughout all seasons of the year.

The broiler industry is developed in the USA, England, the German Democratic Republic, the Federal Republic of Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Belgium, and other countries. In the USSR broiler farms have been created with a productivity of 2-3 million broilers per year, for example, the Krasnyi Sovkhoz in the Crimean Oblast, the Be-rezovskoe broiler farm in Krasnoiarsk Krai, and the Zagorsk broiler farm in Moscow Oblast.


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