Broken Hill

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Broken Hill,

city (1991 pop. 23,263), New South Wales, SE Australia, near the South Australia border. Since 1883 it has been a principal center of zinc and silver mining in Australia.

Broken Hill


(modern name, Kabwe), a city in Zambia in the vicinity of which the skeletal remains of a petrified man were found in 1921. A large skull was found which displayed a number of primitive characteristics (a substantial ridge above the eyes, a receding forehead, a large facial area). The size of the brain was small (1,280 cu cm). The Broken Hill Man (also called Rhodesian Man) is considered palaeoanthropic, although certain of his traits are those of Homo pithecanthropus. The hypothesis is that the Broken Hill Man lived during a relatively late period of time, perhaps even contemporaneously with the earliest representatives of Upper Paleolithic people of modern physical type. Most scholars feel that he is not a direct link in the evolution of man.


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Broken Hill

a city in SE Australia, in W New South Wales: mining centre for lead, silver, and zinc. Pop.: 19 834 (2001)
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Minister for Mental Health and Lifestyles Kevin Humphries announced last year that pilot mental health services would be put out to tender to private companies to deliver mental health, physical health and drug and alcohol support - Dubbo, Orange, Nepean Blue Mountains, Broken Hill, Nowra, and Cumberland have all been stated to be privatised.
Down-hole EM of all 15 drill holes is scheduled for early September in search of Broken Hill Type mineralisation.
A photograph shows a group of unionists marching down Argent Street, the main street of Broken Hill, and it effectively says, 'This happened and that's how it looked' (Figure 1).
Adams' book is concerned with Percy Brookfield's life from his arrival in Broken Hill in 1911 until his death in 1921.
Mystery "So how they could mix up Shetland with Broken Hill in New South Wales, Australia, is the mystery.
today installed the final advanced photovoltaic (PV) modules at the 53 MW Broken Hill Solar Plant in New South Wales (NSW), which is on schedule to be fully operational by the end of the year.
Billing itself as the `gateway to the outback,' Broken Hill plays host to the four-wheel drive set who abound, so to speak, like the kangaroos on the approaches to the town.
Reg Lark was Murcutt's assistant for the Broken Hill Museum project (1987-1989.
The first of these prototype installations is being built near the mining town of Broken Hill in New South Wales, Australia.
This was the first of eight patents based on the process Altair acquired from Broken Hill Proprietary.
The grey slag heap from the Broken Hill company's first mine towers over this desert town like a brutal monument.