Broken Hill

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Broken Hill,

city (2016 pop. 17,708), New South Wales, SE Australia, near the South Australia border. Since 1883 it has been a principal center of zinc and silver mining in Australia.

Broken Hill


(modern name, Kabwe), a city in Zambia in the vicinity of which the skeletal remains of a petrified man were found in 1921. A large skull was found which displayed a number of primitive characteristics (a substantial ridge above the eyes, a receding forehead, a large facial area). The size of the brain was small (1,280 cu cm). The Broken Hill Man (also called Rhodesian Man) is considered palaeoanthropic, although certain of his traits are those of Homo pithecanthropus. The hypothesis is that the Broken Hill Man lived during a relatively late period of time, perhaps even contemporaneously with the earliest representatives of Upper Paleolithic people of modern physical type. Most scholars feel that he is not a direct link in the evolution of man.


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Broken Hill

a city in SE Australia, in W New South Wales: mining centre for lead, silver, and zinc. Pop.: 19 834 (2001)
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which operates the Broken Hill underground zinc-lead-silver mine in Australia awarded Wirth GmbH, Germany a contract for construction of a pumping station at the mine.
With nearly nil profit on sale, the AUD 257 million sale, includes AGL writing a long term offtake deal with the Nyngan and Broken Hill solar plants.
Year 7 to 12 students at Broken Hill and Willyama High Schools apply for positions with the Nursing Academy.
Broken Hill have played a number of small gigs around the country and the reaction has been huge.
The Hawsons Iron Project is located 60km SW of Broken Hill and includes an Inferred Magnetite Resource of 1.
She then returned to Broken Hill to work for the Sisters of Compassion in the Girls' Home until it closed, then transferred to St Anne's shortly before Southern Cross Care took over the Nursing Home.
Thanks to the great efforts of our team at Carpentaria both in Broken Hill and Brisbane this year we achieved two major milestones for our company - our maiden resource announced in December 2010 and then a positive pre - feasibility in May.
The Broken Hill mines are the first significant Pasminco asset to be sold since the company was placed in administration last September.
Pasminco Broken Hill has been granted approval by the NSW Department of Mineral Resources to begin development of a small underground mining operation under the inactive No.
To my knowledge these base metal-rich intersections are the most significant published from Broken Hill-type mineralisation in the district outside the Broken Hill "Line of Lode" since the announcement of the Stephens Trig drill data in 2004(1).